A World of Nuts


We Produce all the varieties of pistachios such as:

Inshell: Sizes 18/20 - 20/22 - 24/26 - 28/32 

Kernels: Jumbo Whole Kernels, Standard Whole Kernels, Half Kernels 

Green Peeled: All grades of A-B-C-D-E-F-G


Our strategic alliance with INSA Peanuts from Argentina has enabled us to offer all types of HIGH OLIC Peanuts from both the origin & buffer stock in Spain for faster response

Inshell, Peanut Kernel (Runner),Diced Peanut, Peanut Flour (Meal) and even Peanut Paste

We are able to offer you Chinese Peanuts "Virginia & Hsuji varieties" from our strategic partners in China as well


We offer Hazelnut kernels and Processed Hazelnut such as Powder, Diced & Paste from our key partners in Turkiye & Georgia


We offer Cashew kernels and Processed Cashew such as Diced Cashew from our key partner who has processing factories in Africa & Vietnam